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"Driving on the beach" struck me as a very odd thing. Odd enough to take a photo. 30days 30days the4onthefloor about 7 miles from me. adrian belew turf club Aislinn Alex Anderson Alison and Lauren in the middle Alison and Lauren Knight Andrine Arthur baseball vacation boston Bob Bob Schneider bob schneider varsity Brian Grondin Brutus Hjerpe bunnyclogs adam levy cedar but after the conference we hung out by this pool until it was time to go to the hotel. It was glorious Charles Charles Robinson chicago halloween china 2015 Chris Hegge christmas jim and cheryl st. peter citacamp citarally citadel concerts confab confab sliding aerostich winter Dawn Messerly Dessa easter Eddie James Eric Biederman evan family evan fiona jei Fiona fiona birth evan james Fiona in a homemade poodle skirt. She's almost 10 years old here. jason mraz gary numan mill city nights generator visi grand old day greazy meal kitty kat club hitchcock varsity theater homebrew honeydogs honeydogs first avenue hookers and blow mayslacks hookers mayslacks ice sculptures winter carnival ice sculptures winter carnival rice park jenny lewis Jerry Lien jill sobule erin mckeown cedar Jim Stevens Joe Lien John John Robinson katie eleanor triathalon kitchen project lake vermilion pam steve Launch complex 40 leonids may day parade Melissa Merlin motorcycle trip 2020 nazi protest new orleans baseball new standards New Standards Holiday Show nighttime streets in barcelona no pants 2k10 Omar POS queen 1980 st. paul civic center queen hamburg 1982 radical face rebel rebel Robert Stevens sandbag red river flood fargo dome semisonic aquatennial block party shabbey road chanhassen supper club white album Skip Lecy snowshoeing winter st. patrick's day parade st. paul state fair state fair 2019 surly darkness day surlyfest The swimming pool area in the back of the hotel. We didn't stay in this hotel the4onthefloor Titan IVB launch from Launch Pad 40 - 2/23/97 Todd Haug tornado storm damage twilight hours 400 bar twilight hours cedar twilight hours mears twilight hours nomad twins days twins days 1992 twins days 2000 scan friday twins days 2000 scan saturday twins days 2000 scan sunday twins days 2015 twins twinsdays 1996 vanderslice mountain goats iowa vanderslice tallest man on earth turf club varsity theater VERY early in the morning in the "real" part of town. Very Florida... Why did I take a photo of the hallway? I don't know. winter carnival snow ice sculptures with Chelsi and Bailey on the outside. xtc senses working overtime icehouse zeppo