Photos of my Family

(a work in progress)

This is Melissa and me from waaaay back in 1995. We returned to Bob's cabins in Two Harbors, MN (on the North Shore of Lake Superior) where we'd spent our Honeymoon back in 1988. I can't say enough nice things about Bob's Cabins! And I can't say enough bad things out those UUUuuugly glasses I'm wearing. Thankfully, I got rid of them the next year.
This is Jessica, back in 1994. Her hair is all OVER the place! What you can't see in this photo is that she's in the middle of making a mud pie or something, and her hands are completely covered in a black mucky goo.
This is Casey. I think this was taken summer of 1996. We were in Brainerd, and couldn't resist stopping for the large Paul Bunyan statue they have there. Honestly, you'd think the state of MN was covered with these things!
This is the whole family (except for me, of course) sitting on the side of the road during the 1997 Grand Old Days parade. Melissa, Casey, and Jessica.
Here are Melissa and me in 1988 as we settle into the car after our wedding! Ahh, we'll never be so young and slender as then....
This is Melissa and Casey as we wait for the Olympic torch to go by us. Lessee, that would have been the summer of 1996.
This is Jessica and Casey, first day of school back in 1995! They're homeschooled now, but those were the days of uniforms, school supplies, and early mornings.
This is my wife, Melissa, during our trip up to Leech lake during the spring of... uhm... 1998 I think!
This is my dad and my two uncles. From left to right, my uncle Jim (the youngest of the family). My dad is in the middle (he was the oldest) and Noel - the middle child - on the right. This was taken during Christmas of 1998.
From a Christmas party in 1996, this is my father-in-law Tom Summers. Every once in a while the Ukelele comes out. Great stuff
Also from a Christmas 1996 dinner, this is my sister Solveig with her husband Peter. Peter is from Wales, and my sister studies (and teaches) English Literature, so the traditional English "Christmas Crackers" made their debut at this dinner - hence the cutesy little paper crowns!
In August of 1998 my brother's company had their company picnic at ValleyFair. He invited me to come along, as his wife isn't much for riding rides. I dragged Jessica along with me and here we are being completely excited about our ride on the "Wild Thing" rollercoaster. This was John's idea.....
This is my family again... here they are standing on the relatively calm-looking "Hurricane Deck" underneath the American Falls side of Niagara Falls. Shortly after this, a blast of water blew one of my contact lenses right out of my eye, and I spent the next 2 days in complete pain before I found out that the contact lens was actually just in two pieces and was still in my eye! When I got the pieces out, I felt much better....
Summer of 1998, Jessica and I went out on a little run on the mighty FJ. After bobbing and weaving through county road "O" just off of 35 in Wisconsin, we took a little rest in a park at the end of the road.
My kids found out that swimming in the Puget Sound is not a very warm proposition. But they were determined to hit the water! So, with the clouds building up, and the misty drizzle coming down, they hit the water anyways. Casey here has looked warmer before. This is the summer of 1997, I believe.
Niagara Falls is just too much of a photographic opportunity. Here are my kids onboard the Maid of the Mists boat. They give you these flimsy plastic ponchos which give you some idea that maybe you'll stay dry. Hah! I guess it kept the wind off a bit, but when you get close to those pounding walls of water and mist, it's all over. Cool experience, though...
This is Jessica back in.. oh.. this must have been right before the picture above! She's on a boat at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut.
Casey was ecstatic when he finally hit the magic 48-inch mark. Now every ride at Valleyfair was in his grasp! Here he is right before (or after, I can't remember) his very first ride on a rollercoaster.
Here's the family during our May 1999 visit to Cedar Point. We're waiting in line for the Power Tower - certainly one of the more frightening rides in the park (for me, anyways)
This is back in 1981. I had originally taken a slide of my brother and mom (with Dad in the background). Then, I went to make a print of this photo using the Cibachrome process. I had a problem with some of the chemicals which caused a greenish cast. I have since had the opportunity to re-print this photo "straight" and I've decided that I prefer the funky one.
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