More Concert Photos - 1980 to 1987...

More concert photos I took during my concert-going heydays of 1980 to 1987. All photos copyright Charles Robinson.

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Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians, shown here performing an "in-store" at the late, great Northern Lights record store in downtown Minneapolis. This was probably fall of 1985, but I'm not 100% sure.

My first concert I ever attended in Europe. This is Mike Rutherford of Genesis, taken during the Abacab tour in Bremen, West Germany around October of 1981. Actually a pretty good show!
This is Phil Collins (and you can just see Goeff Banks) from the same concert. The black and white photo was developed and printed by me. Man, Phil looks YOUNG in this shot, doesn't he?
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. A great band to watch live, but almost completely impossible to photograph. Murky lighting and a lot of movement gave me many a blurred shot. Caught here back in the parking lot in Frankfurt after their "Dazzle Ships" concert, this is a BIT less blurry. Handheld stuff lit by streelights tends to be tricky. Nice coupla guys. The Cocteau Twins were supposed to open for this show, but they bombed out for some reason. Bummer!
More QUEEN stuff from their 1980 concert in St. Paul, Minnesota. As this was my second rock concert ever (and the first with a camera) this still holds a special place in my memories.
More Queen. A crappy scan, but what the hey.
The last QUEEN pic, I swear! This is from Hamburg, 1982. The "Hot Space" tour. Still a good show, though you had to wonder how excited they were to play to fewer than 6,000 people in a concert hall not much larger than a gym! You can tell that this is during "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" 'cos that's the only time Freddie would play the guitar.
Bruce Springsteen, from his Februrary 1981 show at the St. Paul Civic Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota. My actual seats were in the very farthest back seat of the center, but my good friend Bil MacLeslie was kind enough to let me and my brother share his seat(s) with him and his girlfriend. What a pal! Further discussion with Bil reveals that Bil has no recollection of ever having attended this concert. Our seatmates remain a mystery....
Bruce Springsteen again. A damned good show! This was also at the St. Paul Civic Center, but this is during the filming of the "Dancing in the Dark" video in 1984. An okay song, I guess, but marred by the fact that he had to run through it twice to satisfy the director - Brian DePalma?!?!?! What a horrible video! To add to my enjoyment, most of my film was confiscated about 10 minutes after this picture was taken. Darn those CBS reps I was standing next to!

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