Concert Photos!

Highlights of my concert photos from 1980 to 1987

As usual, if you want to see the "Full-Size" version of any of these photos, just click on one of them. I'm showing you some smaller copies so that you don't have to wait 12 years for the page to load. Questions? Comments? Send me mail

Annie Lennox, Orpheum Theater, Minneapolis, Minnesota. 1984? The Touch Tour

David Bowie - Frankfurt, Germany. June 1983. Tour for Let's Dance

Queen - St. Paul, Minnesota. September, 1980. Tour for "The Game"

More Queen - September 14, 1980.

More Queen - This is May of 1982 - the Hot Space tour. Bow-Wow-Wow was supposed to be the opening act, but she got laryngitis and instead we got to see After the Fire. Whoopee.

ELO - Bremen, West Germany, Spring 1982. (The TIME Tour). Just our luck, we got to see After the Fire warm up for them, too! To add to our misery, Bev Bevan was sick, so After the Fire's drummer sat in on the show as well! Aaaarrgh!

The Rolling Stones, Hamburg, Germany. May 1983. This was actually "West" Germany when I saw the show. The J. Geils Band was promoting "Freeze Frame" at the same concert - what was the album the Stones were pushing?? (Sorry, not a life-long fan - I went for the event of it all..

Okay, so it's not a concert photo. This is Laurie Anderson - photo taken in a record store (remember records?) in St. Paul during her Mister Heartbreak promotional tour. The concert was excellent as well, but I was WAY far in the back, so whattaya gonna do...

The Replacements - 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis MN. The Album-Release concert for "Tim". This was incredibly LOUD! The picture of Bob Stinson on the right was taken about a half-year later in the First Avenue Mainroom.

Remember Simon and Garfunkel's "Reunion" tour in 1983? This was at Parade Stadium in Minneapolis. Gee, they looked like they were having fun....but Paul pretty much told "Artie" to get lost after this...and deleted all of Art's vocals from the "Hearts and Bones" tapes.

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