Miscellaneous Photos from all around...

Photos which I've collected from friends and websites, as well as a few I've taken myself. As always, click on any of the photos to get a larger, sharper-looking version to fill your screen!

This is Bil Mack and Jenny Ryberg, from back when I was in High School at Minneapolis Central. In the foreground you can just barely see Zach Williams and David Fellows concentrating on the toy of the year - a Rubik's Cube!
Here is my brother and his friend, Roger Shimada, participating in a "Snow Days" talent show by re-enacting the "fish-slapping dance" from Monty Python's Flying Circus. John is just about to get whacked off of the stage into a wading pool full of water.
Here is my friend Tim Foreman during his "long haired, floppy leather hat" days. Back in about, oh, 1979. He's working the lighting board for a play his parent's opera company was putting on.
This is me, my brother, and Bill Mack hanging out under the Federal Treasury building in Minneapolis. This was about July or so in 1983, and it's about 3:30 in the morning. This sculpture was moved in 1999 to the NEW Federal Treasury building and they painted it white. White! Ugh!
From my black and white photography days, "the gang" of people I would hang out with sometimes after school. From left to right: Sari Somers, Andrine Laroo, Emily Foreman, Jenny Ryberg, Molly Routhieau (oh hell, I've forgotten how to spell it!) and Dana Mylloya.
This is Bil Mack hiding behind a camera in the lunchroom right after photography class. October of 1980, or thereabouts.
From left to right, Mary Stevens, Michele Thies, and Tim Foreman (in the hat) all looking intently at the stage during the Queen concert on September 14, 1980
This is my pal Tim Foreman and my brother John. They both had "Ike" jackets and collected many musical-related buttons. This was taken in the spring of 1984!
Taken in the summer of 1981, in Grafschaft West Germany. This is a self-portrait which I did by opening the camera, then running over and sitting under a streetlight for about 5 minutes before going back and shutting the camera.
This is John and me, taken the Winter of 1981 in downtown Wilhelmshaven, West Germany. I'd recently gotten the wide-angle lens and wanted to experiment with how easy it was to take my own photo.
This is John standing next to an (I think) Cooper Mini. We were in Holland and were surprised by how darned SHORT this thing was! Note John's casual "no, I'm not a tourist standing here getting my picture taken" pose...
May, 1982. Hamburg, West Germany. We'd just gotten to the concert hall where Queen were going to play, and we staked out our spots in the front. Now we had about 2 hours before the show would start, so I wandered around to get a drink, go to the bathroom, etc. I just HAD to document for our friends back home how SMALL a venue we were seeing Queen in. Way cool.
Spring 1982. John with our best friend from Osterholz-Scharmbeck - Jessie Schroeck! We were overjoyed to find out that there was someone else from our home state in our school in Germany. She's from Waseca, and God knows where she is now. This was taken on the ferry crossing from Bremerhaven, Germany to Dover, England for our British Literature's class trip to London.

I know this should go in the "concerts" section but.. I'm too lazy. This is Gary Numan from his "Telekon" concert in St. Paul, October 1980. Good show.

Barry Mauer, a good friend of mine. This was taken in first-hour geometry at Central High School... 1979!
Bill Mack, taken in the lunchroom right after photography class. I wonder if he has a photo just like this of me....
Ahh.. from my good ol' days as an usher at the Guthrie Theater. Werner Klemperer was in the company for "Hang On To Me" (Gorky and Gershwin, together again for the first time). He was always willing to do the "Colonel Klink" bit for anyone who would ask.
Now we're up to.. uhm... about 1986? Get a bunch of Citadel-86 BBS users together in Lilydale, and what could be more fun than a romp through the sandstone caves? This was taken by flashlight light and was horribly underexposed. I have attempted to "fix" it after the scanning process....
Jump back to 1983.. this was taken at Frankfurt International School on a nice spring afternoon. From left to right: Nathalie Nuys, Kittie VanHijfte, and my brother John. The sign underneath them says "Achtung, Kinder" which means "Watch out for Kids" so they are attempting to act appropriately kid-like.
Another shot from the "Brit Lit" trip to London in 1982. Bob (Last name forgotten), Jessie, and John atop the Tower Bridge in London.
This is my friend, Al Angen, astride his first Yamaha FJ - a 1985 model. This was taken in the summer of 1986, if memory serves (or maybe this was 1985?). In any case, this man is the reason I now have an FJ!

Lastly, this picture was taken during the 1998 Minnesota 1000 Motorcycle rally. My friend, Tim Foreman is sitting next to another friend - Tony Munich. Tim's BMW is visible in the front left of the photo, with my FJ right behind his. Tony's FJ is on the right. This was about 8:30 in the evening, and Rugby, ND was the stopping point on our jaunt westward for points, points, points. Then it was eastward and southward towards home during the evening. You can't tell that it's raining like crazy right now..

Tragically, Tony crashed on the way home at about 5:30am the next day, and has been in a coma ever since.


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