Photos of me and/or my brother - mostly from the 80's when we were living together...

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Thought I'd start with the only two photos I didn't take...
I realize the narcissism behind posting a lot of pictures of oneself on the Web. If you feel the same way, then point noted.

Well, we were messing around with a cable release and realized that we didn't have many photos of ourselves together. This was in Stratford, England, around May of 1983.

We don't really look that much alike, do we??

Huh? How'd they DO that??

(This is summer of 1984, btw)

While living in Germany with our parents, we had a lot of time in the evenings without much to do. This is a result of some time to kill. The time is about 11:30pm, and the exposure was about 7 minutes long. John, somehow, was able to hold real still for the whole time. The colors lost something in the scanning, but you get the basic idea. (That's a Mercedes passing behind him, if you couldn't tell)

Grafschaft, outside of Wilhelmshaven, (West) Germany. October 1982

Getting goofy with the camera again! There's practically no limit to the fun you can have with a cable release and the willingness to crash to the ground seconds after the shutter snaps!
During "Spring Break" in 1983, John and I spent a week just tramping around London. We spent practically NO money on the essentials, like food and lodging. Instead, we toured, saw shows, and bought a lot of records. Here we are hanging around "Big Ben" late in the evening. This is about a 2-minute exposure....
This was our "group" photo for the Frankfurt International School yearbook, 1983. This was taken in Bad Homburg, Germany in about April of 1983. That's our friend, Susan Dawson of Canada standing between us. She was very patient with our fooling around!

My brother John, excited (as usual) to be on another 2 hour train commute between our parents' house in Wilhelmshaven and our school dormitory in Bremerhaven.

This is me and John on our.. uhm... 30th birthday, I think! Taken at our Mom and Dad's house

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