Motorcycle Photos

Stuff I couldn't get to fit in any other categories, mostly! Click on the smaller photos for a larger image.


During a spirited ride down Highway 35 in Wisconsin (just south of Prescott) we stopped for a moment to relax. I don't know the names of the men flanking, but that's Al Angen leaning back on his FJ, and that's Tim Foreman on the Honda CB750 right next to him. Taken in the summer of 1986.
Al's 1985 FJ with the Lockhart 3/4 lower fairing
During Al's, Tim's, and my trip to Tennessee in 1990, the highlight of the trip was a run through Deal's Gap in the Smokey Mountains. We stopped at the midway point and relaxed - here's all of our machines parked in formation. Tim's migrated to the BMW and I have his old Honda.
This is my bike. Taken during the first weekend I was out on it back in 1993.
Wish I could claim responsibility for this idea, but.... someone else on the Yamaha FJ mailing list posted photos of his "FJ Pumpkin". I couldn't resist, and printed out a copy of his photo to use as a template for my very *own* FJ pumpkin! If anyone remembers who did this first, send me mail so I can give proper credit...


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