Charles Robinson's Twins Days 1997 Photo Album

Here are some of the highlights (photographically) of this year's trip to Twinsburg. Sorry in advance to all of those who I may have met, yet didn't include on this page. I guess apologies should also go out to those of you who did NOT want to be on here, yet are. If that's a problem, just send me mail and I'll remove you from this page!

As always, you can see a larger (almost 3 times as large) copy of ANY of these photos by just clicking on them. I've kept 'em small so you can load this page and view it before the boss gets over to your desk..


Here are John and I posing at the town's sign.
These two women in the pink are here for their very first time. They are Diane and Doreen Aveni from Long Island (Diane is on the left). They found the festival from my brother's web page (which, by the way, you can find at Thanks for getting in touch, guys!! :-)

This is me, Jill, John, and Jean enjoying a fine evening at the Holiday Inn in Hudson, OH. This Holiday Inn is the Unofficial gathering spot for the twins in the evening, after the official Twins Days events have drawn to a close for the evening. That way you still have something to do from 9pm until 3am (or thereabouts. Some people just don't sleep at all during the weekend)

This is Beth and Becky, from Downer's Grove, IL. These poor souls got to spend the entire time at the Holiday Inn in the lobby, 'cos they've got a couple of years to go before they're legally allowed into the bar. But when that happens, they'll party like it's 1999, because it WILL be 1999!

Maureen and Colleen, from Pennsylvania, were welcomed back after they had taken a year off. What were they thinking?!??? Nice to see you back, you two!

Here are a couple of twins who hauled their 1960's-vintage tandem bike all the way from Jasper, IL just so they could ride it for 45 minutes during the "double-take parade". This is Peggy and Patty, but I'll be darned if I know which is which.. They brought along their younger sister as well, but since the bike only held two, she had to walk

Jeff and Steve Nagel, of Dayton, OH, dressed up to the 9's as usual. They've been attending the Twins Days festival since 1987. This year, they were also appointed associate chairmen of the Twins Days Association. This association is attempting to raise funds for a permanent facility for the Twins Days festival, as well as (a museum?). If you would like more information, or are interested in supporting this cause, please give Steve or Jeff a call at (937)885-4703 or (937)256-4127! They'd love to hear from you. (Sorry, no Email for these two as of yet). By the way, Jeff and Steve are not me and John!. Apparently, many people mistook them for us. "Great Web Page!" they kept hearing. "We don't have one!" they would keep saying.... Good humor!

Ah, yes. The charming Betsy and Susan Diersing, from I-don't-know-where. They were carrying these signs around for most of the day. Exhausting work! I don't know yet if they managed to get any results from the advertising..

The only triplets I met the whole time! I've SEEN many, but haven't met 'em. This is Beth, Rachel, and Amy, from Dayton Falls, Ohio.

From left to right, this is Ellen, from Chicago, IL, Roy and Ray Galdi, from San Diego, CA, and Anne, from Corpus Christi, TX. Girls, girls, girls, you gotta work on synching the hair-color a little closer next time! (Just kidding, you looked just fine). Actually, can you imagine the tricky logistics of planning to dress alike when you live on opposite ends of the country? Yow!

This is Vera and Nadia, from Canada. Their first year!

Bridget and Ingrid are from North Carolina.

Here is the crowd gathering for the Group Photo, which occurs every Saturday (and Sunday) during the Festival, at more-or-less 3:15. If you look closely, you'll see that ALL of the people in this photo are twins (or triplets, or quads)! (In some cases, it'll be the parents of multiple kids, so maybe it's more accurate to say "mostly all" are multiples).

The problem with all these quickly-taken group shots is that there's NO WAY I can catch all of the names in time to get 'em written down here... Even though John and I have met most of the people who are in this picture at least once or twice.
After a full day of milling around in the sun, meeting and greeting and photographing everyone in sight´┐Ż. What could be better than taking your freshly-acquired sunburn back to the HOLIDAY INN in HUDSON for a little R&R? This is Don and Dave, and with them are the perfectly charming Bridget and Ingrid, from North Carolina. (Hey, haven't I seen them two before????)

Almost forgot! Here's Mark, Angie, Gigi, Jill, Jean, John and I out for a dinner on the town. We were (for a while) the only twins in the restaurant, and MAN were we turning some heads! What a fun evening that was!



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