Charles Robinson's Twins Days 1992 Photos

A "Year2000" scan & summary of some 8-year-old photos

If you know some names, please drop me a line and let me know who they are! I wasn't organized enough to take notes on who's who..... Thanks!

The only ones whose names I know here are Kristy and Lisa, in the upper-right-hand corner. They've been coming as many years as John and I have.
These are: Jeremy and Josh on the outside, Amy and Susan next, and Melvin right in the middle. Love the hair, Melvin!

These are the Kruse brothers. John and I met 'em in 1992, and again in 1993 (where they signed my 1992 photo of them!)

They told us a great story about both buying the same brand of watch (I think that's how it goes...)

This is Lavelda and Laverne. Behind them is a man whose name escapes me - but he's come every year with a hat completely covered with photographs of him and his brother with Lavelda and Laverne. The 4 of them were married. His brother passed away many years ago, but he is always with them in the photographs!
This is Nick and Jim Falco, with Lisa and Marie Deegan.
These guys - John and I see them every year. Quite a sharp outfit they'd chosen this year!
A coupla yahoos in the front, that's me on the left and John on the right. Directly behind us are Rob and Steve. To their right are Rhonda and Donna (in the red) and left of them are two women whose names I do not know! (Starting to sound like a broken record, aren't I?)
After things quiet down on the festival grounds, it starts heating up at the Holiday Inn in nearby Hudson, OH. This is THE place to be for your evening of socializing!


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