Twins Days 2007
August 1-5, 2007

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August 1, 2007 14:27:3
Such a tiny plane... but it meant a quick time getting on and off.
August 1, 2007 14:50:8
John works his way up the narrow pathway to our seats
August 1, 2007 16:02:38
This is way faster and more fun than driving! I used my GPS to check our progress.
August 1, 2007 16:04:48
Michigan approaches
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August 1, 2007 21:51:5
A well-stocked fridge is a happy fridge.
August 1, 2007 22:02:4
Jill and Jean
August 1, 2007 22:06:36
Jill and Jean with Denise and Diane in the middle. This is their 20th year at the festival!
August 1, 2007 22:08:42
Doug and Ross
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August 1, 2007 22:15:30
The newly-redesigned bar at the hotel sure looked shiny and modern!
August 1, 2007 22:28:38
Me with AnnDee and Jill (I think?!?)
August 1, 2007 22:35:15
John demonstrates that the cutover from glass to plastic cups is actually a better deal... (he filled the empty GLASS glass from the plastic and that's all that would fit)
August 1, 2007 23:22:30
DeeAnn and AnnDee with Jim and John - new guys this year.
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August 1, 2007 23:37:2
John and me with some mystery beer in a porcelain bottle that Jeff and Steve brought.
August 1, 2007 23:40:18
John enjoys a "photo album moment" - doesn't anyone hand around real prints anymore? (I know I don't)
August 2, 2007 2:39:40
2:40 and time to hang out in the lobby and talk. I didn't notice until I looked at the photo that there are more people further down the hall doing the same thing.
August 2, 2007 12:56:3
Twins Days kickoff luncheon at the Hilton Garden Inn
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August 2, 2007 13:03:54
Andy Miller Jr. and Janine accepting an award at the luncheon.
August 2, 2007 13:56:24
Fridge reconfigured for caffiene intake as well as milk and OJ for breakfast. Looking healthy now, for sure!
August 2, 2007 14:19:31
Sign outside the ballroom at the hotel. The staff at the Holiday Inn really took care of us and made this a safe place for kids of all ages to have fun.
August 2, 2007 15:07:58
Some really really tasty beer I found over the weekend.
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August 2, 2007 18:21:49
The lobby was, at one time, filled with all kinds of brand-new furniture. I guess they were afraid we'd mess it up, because by Thursday evening that stuff was GONE, baby. We never saw it again.
August 2, 2007 21:00:19
One of the officers onsite at the hotel showed off her pink handcuffs, but declined to be photographed with them. Another officer borrowed them and demonstrated their usage.
August 2, 2007 21:01:7
August 2, 2007 21:14:50
Danceline during Karaoke as one man really belts out "New York, New York"
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Monday, August 6, 2007

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