Photo galleries from 2006

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"Cheering Section" for Jenny and Gretchen's 3-day walk
August, 2006
Andy and Michelle's Wedding
June 10, 2006
Bob Schneider at the Fine Line
April 1, 2006
Avenpitch, 2/24/06
CHS Reunion
November 4, 2006
Data Center 2.0
November 2, 2006
Fiona and Jei's Engagement Photos
(and Casey's "school photo") October 2006
Guthrie "Curtain Call" 5/1/06
Hookers and Blow
Gluek's Bar, Jan 2006
New Jersey Trip, 2006
Semisonic in Minneapolis
July 14, 2006
LOW at Loring Park
August 21, 2006
Family Gathering in March
Winter in Minnesota!
Mondo Juggle Fest 2006
STOC Pancake Run
Oct 13-14, 2006
Bob Schneider at the Fine Line, Septemer 2006
Fiona and Jei's Engagement Photos
(the uncut version) October 2006
Leabch Christmas Pix
December 2006
John and Tina's Lilac Party, 2006
Maypole Dancers at Ren Fest
September 9, 2006
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Triple Rock Social Club, 12/2/2006
Melissa Adds Some Color
August 9, 2006
John's "Cereal Bowl Sequence"
Twinsdays 2006
Disassembling the Minolta Dimage z2

Monday, December 4, 2006

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