Photo galleries from 2005

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Visitation Spring Concert 2005
Bob Schneider - 9/16/05
Bob Schneider - 9/17/05
Fine Line Music Club, Minneapolis, MN
Casey goes Flying - 5/28/05
Fiona's Moving Day - College!
Greazy Meal at the Fine Line
The Robinson/Summers go to Ireland
The VISI.COM mushroom farm
Liam's Birthday Party - 7/31/05
RenFest Maypole Dancers
Melissa's First 5k Run
Mike Doughty at the 2005 Aquatennial Block Party
AC Panel Detail, VISI.COM
Halloween Costume Contest
Visi, 2005
2005 Art Car Parade
John and Charles go to China!
Flash Test!
Melissa gets hydrostatically weighed!
4th of July 2005 at the Summers residence
Best of 2005 (so far)
Tim and Charles go bonus hunting!

Monday, December 4, 2006

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