Charles Robinson's Twins Days 2000 Photos
Okay, so it's taken me just about one half year before posting these... Sorry 'bout that. Here, in no particular order, are some of the hundreds of people John and I met during the festival this year. They come from all over, and the mix of people we met was about evenly split between people we've seen almost every year, and new arrivals celebrating their first time here. (Then there are those we met who'd been coming for 11 years and John and I had never bumped into them before!)
As usual, you can click on any of these photos to see a bigger copy. I've tried to keep the image sizes reasonably small so you won't have to wait so long for the images to load. Questions? Comments? Complaints? Drop me a line in email at: [email protected]
This is Kathy and Stefanie. They're from Canada, eh?
Ned and Fred always outdress John and me (well, most everybody!) at the hotel. Just once I'd like to catch these guys in TShirts and flip-flops!
Deborah and Donna (on the top) are from West Virginia, if memory serves me correctly. Neal and Nelson hail from the great Hoosier State of Indiana. You can also find 'em in a crowd by asking if anyone has seen "The Hoosier Twins"
Kristy and Lisa shared a spot on the grass with John and me while we were waiting for the group photo to be taken. They've been here every year that John and I have been coming!
A rare photo. Becky and Beth (both of Illinois) outside in the sunshine! Every other photo of them that I have was taken in a bar.
Yeah, like that. Actually, this is Beth and Becky outside in a parking lot in front of the Holiday Inn.
I don't know where Neena and Veena hail from, but I absolutely love what (accidentally) happened to the camera when I took this picture! They are both belly-dancers and you can spot 'em in Lisa and Debbie Ganz's "Book of Twins"
Hanging at the Holiday Inn... On the outside are Kathleen and Helen from Brooklyn. Next (in the orange and black -- oh how I wish you could read the logos on their shirts!) are Jean and Jill, from New Jersey. In the middle are Deborah and Donna, who seem to have gotten themselves into THREE of my pictures this year!
Oh, I'm not going to try and name all the names here. Friday afternoon is typically a great time to hang out by the pool and play around.
Julie and Janice on the outside (at least Julie is from Ohio..) with Jean and Jill from New Jersey again in the middle.
We were in the middle of the festivities on Friday evening when all of a sudden Fredrick and Niklas showed up in the lobby! Nobody even knew they were coming this year. Fresh off the plane from Sweden, everyone was happy to see them. Sadly, as one of 'em is going to have a new baby on the way next fall, they will not be making the trip in 2001. See you guys in 2002, okay?
This is Christine and Michelle, and this was their first year at the festival.
Holly and Heather also made the trip for the first time in 2000.
We've been bumping into Kate and Carrie for the past few years. Usually, they've got a stack of Coors in their hands (I'm looking for one of those right now and as soon as I find it I'll scan it in!). Here we're just hanging out by the pool catching a few rays.
Jeff and Steve Nagel, from Ohio, always go all out with their costume plans. This year was no different. No, they do NOT do the Twins Days web site. That's some other set of twins.
Kathy and Kris (Cathy and Chris? I'm not sure) hail from two different states. I know one of 'em is from Minneapolis, MN. I just love this pair of photos. It's great to have your twin as a friend!
The Kruse brothers resurfaced after a few years away. Good to see you guys! Here is an earlier photo of them. Standing alongside are Sherrie and Kerrie.
Nancy and Sara (sometimes referred to as "The Michigan Twins") showing us their matching tatoos! Take a look at their website for the Michigan Twins Association.
Heather and Leslie showed up as a twosome after ??? took most of 1999's festival off to tend to her new baby. Here is a site that Leslie put together...
Deborah and Donna (for the third and last time in this collection). Clever T-Shirts, guys!

That's about it for this year's collection. I also took a bunch of photos with my digital camera... have to dig 'em up and put them here - they used to be on a free photo-sharing site, but of course that site went under.

Hope you've enjoyed this! -Charles

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